anyLogistix Training in Paris

anyLogistix Training in Paris

Date: October 21-23, 2019

City: Paris, France

Venue: Salle Lutèce, Le Cardinal, Espace Affaires Paris Rive-Gauche, 45, rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris (map).

Organizers: The AnyLogic Company

Instructors: Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development, Dmitry Vrubel, Sotware Developer, The AnyLogic Company

Training attendance fee: € 300

Seminar attendance fee: free

You can attend the Supply Chain Design and Digital Twinning with anyLogistix seminar only, please note that it starts on October 21 at 9:30 am and finishes at 12:30 pm. The free seminar precedes the training course, just check the box on the form.

Course information

The three-day training course is aimed at business managers who want to learn supply chain design and analysis with anyLogistix. It is practice-oriented and provides essential information on how to apply anyLogistix to locate facilities, devise master plans, estimate supply chain capacity, assess safety stock, and more. The course is designed and presented by anyLogistix developers, who introduced the software to businesses.

Please note that we do not provide computers. Bring your own Windows-based laptop computer suitable to anyLogistix system requirements.

Course schedule

    • October 21: 9.30 am — 5.30 pm, lunch included
    • October 22: 10.00 am — 5.30 pm, lunch included
    • October 23: 10.00 am — 5.30 pm, lunch included



Course program

  • Day 1

    • Introduction to anyLogistix
    • anyLogistix development environment
    • Facilities location with Greenfield analysis (GFA)
      • Section overview
      • Practice drill: Simple GFA
      • Practice drill: Multi-echelon GFA
    • Supply chain design
      • Network optimization
      • Practice drill: Distribution network
      • Practice drill: 2-tier distribution network
    • Master planning
      • Section overview
      • Practice drill: Distribution planning
      • Practice drill: Distribution and production
  • Day 2

    • Dynamic Simulation
      • Section overview
      • Practice drill: Simple simulation model
    • Supply chain analysis
      • Practice drill: Capacity estimation
      • Practice drill: Service level analysis
      • Practice drill: Risk assessment
    • Inventory optimization
      • Section overview
      • Practice drill: Safety stock assessment
      • Practice drill: Bullwhip effect analysis
  • Day 3

    • Extensions and inside 4 walls logic
      • Section overview
      • Practice drill: Factory simulation and risk assessment
      • Practice drill: Customers loyalty and supply chain
    • Questions & Answers

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