Evaluating Onshoring Strategies with Network Optimization and Simulation

Evaluating Onshoring Strategies with Network Optimization and Simulation

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Disruptions like trade wars and COVID-19 are causing companies to switch from offshore oriented supply chains to onshoring and nearshoring strategies. Risks and costs have changed, and it is necessary to evaluate bringing operations closer to customers.

If you're evaluating a major change to your supply chain structure, you will need to answer questions about how many sites you need and where they should be located. And then you need to know how much each location should make, which customers can we reach from each site, and what service levels there will be for each scenario.

In this webinar, Jon Santavy and Alex Franco from SimWell US show how you can evaluate onshoring and near-shoring strategies and appraise changes to the structure of your supply chain. Using anyLogistix, they showcase how supply chain design and network optimization are key to dealing with change and meeting your objectives.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Comparing Brownfield and Greenfield Scenarios
  2. Calculating ROI of a Supply Chain Design Change
  3. How to Evaluate Supply Chain Designs
  4. Q&A

anyLogistix software supports both analytical optimization and dynamic simulation – the two main techniques for solving complex supply chain problems. If you are not sure which technique would be better or more efficient for your business, read our white paper that explains when best to apply each of these methods.

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