Scenario-Based Strategic Sourcing with anyLogistix

Scenario-Based Strategic Sourcing with anyLogistix

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Majority of organizations today miss the whole picture in diagnosing properly the global cost, opportunities, and risk of vendors at the front door of the organization. As a result, they face with minimizing margins and negatively impacting customers.

In this webinar SimWell Inc., a US-based team of digital network design experts, demonstrates how to analyze, manage, and compare vendors/suppliers in your organization to facilitate the vendor selection process. Using a network optimization and simulation we'll showcase how anyLogistix can be used to improve the selection process and learn how these vendors will impact your downstream supply chain.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. How each vendor impacts your organization: profit and loss, costs, risks, trade-offs and opportunities
  2. Key aspects of vendor management
  3. Applying vendor capabilities to quantify and assess the “real” opportunity
  4. Meet business objectives: from performance in customer service level to supply chain performance
  5. Q&A

Also, read our white paper and discover how anyLogistix’s capabilities are used for supply chain transportation optimization and simulation.

Download the white paper