Power Up Your M&A with Advanced Optimization and Simulation

Power Up Your M&A with Advanced Optimization and Simulation

With numerous SKUs, facilities, customers, routes, data systems, and stakeholders, supply chain leaders face the challenging task of capturing the envisioned supply chain synergies resulting from M&A.

In this webinar, we discussed best practices for:

  • Mapping supply chains to create a meaningful baseline.
  • Aligning facility locations with customer demand.
  • Reducing travel miles for cost savings and CO2 emission reduction.
  • Combining facility consolidation with transportation strategies.
  • Using advanced stochastic models for decision evaluation.

The demo included how to:

  • Capture the supply chain, explaining soft data.
  • Create GFA to find the number of warehouses for comparison.
  • Compare travel miles baseline vs. alternatives and CO2 emissions.
  • Illustrate cost-to-serve with synergy strategies.
  • Compare keeping warehouses in the west vs. shipping by air from the east.
  • Explain uncertainty and stochastic demand scenarios.

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