Supply Chain Network Optimization

Supply Chain Network Optimization

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How to optimize your supply chain structure?

This webinar is for supply chain analysts who want to improve their knowledge of Network Optimization, Supply Chain Design and Master Planning.

We will demonstrate best practices for locating facilities (as well as defining the flows between them), balancing supply and demand, optimizing inventory levels, and more.

Webinar agenda:

  1. Network optimization:
    • Optimal supply chain network design with lowest cost structure
    • Plants and distribution center locations, sizes and capacities
    • What products to produce and where
  2. Master planning
    • Synchronize the flow of materials along the entire supply chain
    • Utilization of production, supply capacities, seasonal stock as well as the balancing of supply and demand
    • When and how much to produce
    • When and how much to be transported
    • Inventory levels
    • Analysis of alternative demand scenarios
  3. Q&A session