anyLogistix 3.1—multi-user access, API for integration, and enhanced performance

Ноябрь 10, 2023 Anastasiya Malinovskaya

anyLogistix 3.1 is now released and available to users. In the latest version of our supply chain design, simulation, and optimization software, we enhanced the user experience, expanded functionality, and improved performance. Read on to learn what's new in anyLogistix 3.1.

Multi-user support for anyLogistix Professional Server

anyLogistix Professional Server is one of the software’s editions that runs on your server and is currently available only for Linux. You can access your projects from a web browser on any device, including phones, tablets, and so on.

Supply chain modeling projects are usually large and involve not a single person but a team. So, the performance of the tool you’re using and collaboration opportunities are crucial.

“Before” workflow for working on supply chain projects in anyLogistix

“Before” workflow: user A exports a scenario and sends it via email to user B.
User B receives the file and opens the project on their own desktop anyLogistix

Before, when a team worked on a joint project, each person would have their own anyLogistix software installed on their personal computers. When they needed to share a project, outputs, or any other part of the project, they would export them as Excel files and send them through email to each other. That caused extra work and posed risks as the files could get damaged or lost along the way.

“Now” workflow for working on supply chain projects in anyLogistix Professional Server

“Now” workflow: user A and user B both have anyLogistix Professional Server.
User A creates a new project and decides to give access to it to user B. Both users now share the same project
(all changes on both sides are saved automatically)

anyLogistix Professional Server (Linux Server) version now supports multi-user access, allowing you to work with your colleagues on large-scale scenarios and share server resources. Work on the projects in a browser from any device enjoying the same model performance. It’s now all there in one shareable space. However, currently, there can only be one user in a project at a time.

This feature is a major highlight of the release, making collaborative work on supply chain modeling projects more efficient and effective.

Intuitive Control Panel

Adding new projects, new users, and setting access levels in anyLogistix Professional Server

With multi-user access, you now have a control panel where you can see all the projects that your team is working on. You can manage various aspects of your projects:

  • Users – easily add and remove users, assign roles, and control their access to projects.
  • Projects – manage access, add new projects, rename them, and remove them.
  • Processes – keep track of and stop processes in your projects. For example, you can see that animation is being created at the moment, and if that is not what you need, just halt it. This helps with troubleshooting.
  • Licenses – assign and revoke licenses (only for admins).
  • Roles – assign specific roles and access levels to users for comfortable collaboration and better security.

Launching experiments, tracking active processes, and stopping one of them in anyLogistix Professional Server

Overall, this control panel streamlines your workflow and makes it easier to handle different aspects of your supply chain analysis.

API for anyLogistix Professional Server

Another significant change that supply chain consultants in particular might enjoy is the new API available for Java and Python languages. With it, you can seamlessly integrate anyLogistix with your existing systems and workflows and work in the software using scripts instead of its interface.

When might you need it? Here’s an example.

New API for Java and Python languages

New API for Java and Python languages
helps you integrate anyLogistix Professional Server
with your existing systems and workflows

Imagine you’re working on network optimization for your supply chain. You want to try out different parameters and see the impact on network optimization results. Before, you would need to manually change the settings of your virtual supply chain, run the experiment, get the outputs, and then do it all over again several times.

Now you can either do that or use the API to do the same with a single written script.

There are many more things you can do with the API. Besides defining experiment settings and running the experiments, you can, for example, enjoy the flexibility of data import and export – import data from Excel or any external database into anyLogistix and export optimization results.

Also, for deeper insights and visualization, you can now export the results from anyLogistix directly to another tool, for example, Tableau or Power BI, using their APIs.

Other improvements for all anyLogistix versions

anyLogistix 3.1 has a range of improvements available not only for Professional Server (Linux Server) but also Mac and Windows users that make working in the software easier and faster:

  • Generate new supply chain facilities and demand with a click of a button, saving time and effort. It could come in handy when you need to quickly generate, say, a hundred customers in Germany, but their precise locations are not important.
  • Manage projects on a more user-friendly panel that offers a wider range of possibilities.
  • Benefit from an extended list of variables for variation for a more comprehensive supply chain analysis.
  • Halt the scenario validation process when necessary. If you run validation of a large scenario and suddenly realize that you forgot to change certain parameters, you don’t need to wait until it finishes. Just stop the validation, make the changes in the scenario, and run the validation again.

You’ll find more about all anyLogistix 3.1 enhancements and changes in the release notes.

Already have anyLogistix installed? Update to the latest version from within the application. If you are new to the software, download it from our website.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.