anyLogistix Datasheet – Software’s Feature Guide

Декабрь 26, 2018 Egor Yakovlev

Whether you are looking for a supply chain analytics tool, getting familiar with anyLogistix, or just want to learn about new advancements in the supply chain design domain, it’s worth looking at the ALX datasheet. Accompanied by a detailed explanation of each feature, the datasheet will introduce the software's key functionality to the supply chain design community, including:

  • A wide range of experiments to examine a supply chain
  • Supply chain control tower support for monitoring supply chain behavior
  • Supply chain elements customization and visualization
  • Facility design and analysis
  • Data integration capabilities

The datasheet also demos ALX features that may be applied to a company’s day-to-day challenges, namely:

  • How to consider customer locations when establishing new facilities.
  • How to measure variability in supply chain.
  • How to consider carbon dioxide emissions while planning a supply chain.
  • How to determine the number of vehicles required to ship cargo from warehouses and distribution centers.
  • How to determine the optimal amount of safety stock.
  • How to track cash flows in supply chains.

The datasheet is listed among our business whitepapers. The whitepapers are perfect for seeing how dynamic simulation alongside analytical optimization may be leveraged by supply chain design community.

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