How to Evaluate Supply Chain Strategies webinar

Октябрь 2, 2020 Gavin Wilkinson

How to Evaluate Supply Chain Strategies webinar

Collaboration and agility in supply chain teams are key to gaining a competitive advantage and returning higher profits. To support rapid change, it is necessary to quickly and easily capture data, model your supply chain, and conduct analyses. Get it right and you can rapidly adjust tactics and operations based on informed decision making.

Build agility into analysis and decision making

In this webinar, Jon Santavy, Managing Partner of SimWell, tells how management for a billion-dollar supply chain successfully improved their supply chain agility by introducing combined optimization and simulation. Doing so allowed the company to develop a "culture of agility" because anyone could build models—data scientists, engineers, business analysts, and so on. Furthermore, using this approach allows teams to more easily work together, whether they be the senior team in a war room responding to drastic changes in demand, the network design team working to improve efficiency, or a cross functional team seeking to optimize inventory.

The webinar How to Evaluate Supply Chain Strategies from SimWell introduces the themes of analysis and agility in modern supply chain. It provides reasoning and examples for employing combined optimization and simulation, and demonstrates how the optimization and simulation capabilities of anyLogistix software can be used for supply chain strategy analysis.

For the demonstration, Senior Supply Chain Consultant at SimWell Alex Franco walks through supply chain design and analytics with anyLogistix, focusing on network optimization, simulation, and transportation optimization. The results are then used to implement a more resilient supply chain.

The webinar shows that by combining simulation with optimization it is possible to build agility into analysis and decision making, from high-level strategy through to tactical level implementation. Read more about how companies are already using anyLogistix with their supply chain in our case studies.

Check out the webinar and the follow-on questions and see how to evaluate supply chain strategies with anyLogistix. Leave your questions on the video page or contact us, we’ll be happy to reply.