Navigating anyLogistix licensing options: a closer look at the floating license

Октябрь 13, 2023 Elizaveta Tikhomirova

Navigating anyLogistix licensing options: a closer look at the floating license

Software has come a long way. From the early days when software ran on massive machines to today, when we have apps on our phones for almost everything. As software has grown and changed, so have the rules for using it. These rules, called software licenses, tell us how to use the software we buy or download.

There are different types of licenses, and each depends on the specific needs of the organization. Choosing the right license is especially important because it will play a major role in how you get the most out of the software without interruption.

Among all the options, floating licenses are becoming a modern solution for businesses that need to adapt quickly to changing needs. So, follow along as we explore why the floating license is quickly becoming a favorite and why it is a good choice to meet your company's needs.

In this blog post:

  1. What is a floating license?
  2. Why a floating license?
  3. anyLogistix Floating Licensing options
  4. Choose what works best for you

What is a floating license?

A floating license, as the name implies, is fluid. Unlike traditional licenses that are tied to a specific machine or user, a floating license allows organizations to allocate licenses based on real-time needs. This license is then available to any authorized user within a network on an as-needed basis.

Managed by the Team License Server, this license allows organizations to check in or check out licenses as needed. For better understanding, Team License Server is a tool that provides a web interface for efficient license tracking and management. Ideal for large organizations with distributed teams, the Team License Server becomes an essential instrument that can eliminate potential bottlenecks and make business run smoother.

Why a floating license?

The beauty of a floating license is its adaptability. Traditional licenses often require a separate purchase for each device or user. This usually leads to potential underuse or even wastage if circumstances change. In contrast, a floating license allows you to adjust in real time, considering changing user needs and minimizing costs in the process.

The other benefits of a floating license include cost reduction and money saved by avoiding having and paying for unnecessary software licenses. Instead of struggling with the number of licenses to purchase, companies can seamlessly adapt to their current needs, ensuring optimal value for money. All in all, the floating license is a testament to modern efficiency that combines adaptability and simplicity, making it a great choice for businesses.

anyLogistix Floating Licensing options

Recognizing that adaptability is critical to today's businesses, anyLogistix offers a range of Floating Licensing options to meet your company's needs. Floating License's user-pack-based pricing strategies provide scalability. As your team grows, you can adjust your license package without incurring extreme costs.

Furthermore, with anyLogistix, flexibility is at the forefront. You can opt to use the desktop version on Windows and Mac or run the server installation on Linux. Since the floating license and the Team License Server are like two peas in a pod, it's important to make sure that the Team License Server is installed beforehand. The Team License Server doesn't just manage the licenses; it also provides insight into usage to help your organization optimize and plan the use of anyLogistix.

There are three types of anyLogistix Floating Licenses: Standard Perpetual License, Global Perpetual License, and Floating Subscription.

Standard Perpetual License

Imagine owning a software residency with this license. It's a long-term commitment for those who want uninterrupted access to anyLogistix, although within a specific country zone.

Country zones are divided into three options:

  1. Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
  2. Europe, Africa, Middle East (EU, UK, Turkey, Israel, SAR, UAE)
  3. Asia Pacific (India, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia)

Activation is user-friendly, whether you prefer a software key or the Team License Server, which supports concurrent users.

Global Perpetual License

For businesses that span continents, the Global Perpetual License is a great option. Break free from geographic constraints and work seamlessly across multiple zones. Not only does this license expand your operational horizons, but it also encourages teamwork. With the Team License Server, multiple team members can work with anyLogistix at the same time, enhancing collaborative efforts.

Regardless of your anyLogistix license, the initial purchase always includes the first year of maintenance and support. The anyLogistix support team ensures that users receive updates, bug fixes, and the support they need on their anyLogistix journey. While there is a separate fee for annual maintenance and support, it's a small price to pay to stay up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

Floating Subscription

For those who want to try anyLogistix first before purchasing a Perpetual License, we offer a Floating Subscription. You can buy a subscription for one year, test it, and decide on further conditions. However, it's designed to work within a single organization in a specific country zone. For this subscription, the Team License Server is used to manage licenses (check-in/check-out licenses from the pool), even if you have a single license to share among team members.

What's even better is that maintenance and technical support services are also included in the price of the anyLogistix Floating Subscription, making it a perfect option for those who need an "all-inclusive" package.

Choose what works best for you

In conclusion, a floating license, with its focus on adaptability and optimized resource utilization, seems to usher in a new era in software licensing. It's a reliable response to the dynamic demands of today's business environment. Nevertheless, choosing the right license comes down to understanding your organization's specific needs, size, and global footprint.

Whether you're an individual, a growing business, or a global enterprise, anyLogistix provides a range of flexible licensing options to meet your varying needs and ensure that you can analyze and optimize your supply chain without restrictions.

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