Supply chain greenfield analysis demonstration video

Май 28, 2019 Gavin Wilkinson

Supply chain greenfield analysis demonstration video

Supply chain Greenfield Analysis helps determine where to locate your warehouses and factories. Check out this video and see how anyLogistix provides detailed insight for a real business case – selling chocolate bars in Poland.

The case considers chocolate bar demand in the hundred largest cities in Poland and the location of both warehouses and the factory need to be determined.

The built-in world cities database and real-roads feature allow anyLogistix to accurately predict demand and to provide details on how to meet service level requirements, such as delivery time.

To meet delivery demands, the warehouse locations are considered first. Then, based on the warehouse results, the optimal factory location is also determined – results from one scenario or experiment can be fed into another, allowing a detailed analysis of a supply chain from end to end.

Greenfield analysis demonstration

See how greenfield analysis helps locate warehouses and factories in anyLogistix.

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