Supply chain master planning demonstration video

Май 28, 2019 Sofia Ivanova

Supply chain master planning demonstration video

Supply chain master planning aims to synchronize production, storage, and transport with demand. The coordination of these elements helps maximize efficiency, cut costs and support profitability. This video shows you how to organize a 2-tier network and estimate the amount of cheese a factory in France should produce each month.

The case considers a cheese distribution network in France with a cheese factory, located in Laval, supplying groceries corresponding to the historical weekly demand. The network also makes use of seven warehouses across the country.

The first step identifies potential locations for distribution centers (DC) with the aid of the built-in ALX world cities database — new facilities can be located based on population data. The required tables are then filled in automatically, and the DCs are displayed on the map.

In the video, a two tier network is setup and different experiments run to help find an optimal solution. anyLogistix has different experiments for testing and developing plans.

This case shows us how master planning helps to estimate the monthly production rate, to make a production plan for our supply chain, and to find the mean level of production. We can run experiments multiple times, to find out how the supply chain operates with different limitations and see how profit and demand are affected.

We can check how the supply chain operates with different monthly limitations, forecast which months will be constrained, and develop a master plan to satisfy all customer demand for the year.

Check out the video and see how the Network Optimization experiment in anyLogistix enables supply chain master planning by period, and optimizes where and how much you need to produce, store, and ship.

Supply chain master planning demonstration

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