What is a supply chain digital twin?

Ноябрь 29, 2019 Gavin Wilkinson

What is a supply chain digital twin?

A supply chain digital twin is a detailed simulation model that uses real-time data from operations to enable analysis, forecasting, and planning for an in-use supply chain. Possibilities extend to complete supply chain oversight and the concept of a supply chain control tower.

The anyLogistix paper Supply Chain Digital Twins defines the technology, provides examples of the problems they can solve, and outlines how to develop and integrate them into a business environment.

Supply Chain Digital Twins

In the paper you will also find how digital twins integrate with other supply chain improvement technologies. There is an example scenario that shows how optimization, artificial intelligence, and analytics work within a supply chain digital twin.

The control tower concept builds on the idea of a digital twin and unites separate platforms to deliver complete system visibility. For a supply chain, a control tower will encompass a broad range of systems, including digital twins, to provide end to end supply chain visibility and short- to medium-term decision support. The control tower centralizes data management, processing, and visualization.

Dive deeper into these technologies and see how you can improve your supply chain with them. Download the free paper. You can also learn more about supply chain digital twins and control towers in our webinar recording Supply Chain Digital Twin and Control Tower with anyLogistix or see ITC Infotech's presentation about its supply chain digital twin for the ITC Personal Care division.