Furniture store seizes new shipping opportunity and mitigates risks

Ноябрь 29, 2018 Gavin Wilkinson

Furniture store seizes new shipping opportunity and mitigates risks

Weekends Only is a furniture retailer that wanted to ensure its supply chain was delivering the best value for money and to evaluate recent logistical developments. Especially, they wanted to know the cost-benefit of shipping from China to New Orleans rather than to Los Angeles. In a project using anyLogistix, they identified cost savings of 27% and mitigated the change risks.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, those are the days of the week that Weekends Only’s expansive stores are open to the public. The rest of the week is spent sourcing the best home furnishing products at the best prices for customers.

Since 2013, Weekends Only model of business has been combined with an online presence, resulting in a hybrid ‘clicks-and-mortar’ retail operation. The result allows costs to be kept low and has made the company successful, but changes affecting the Port of New Orleans presented some potentially valuable opportunities that were beyond the evaluative scope of their usual optimization activities.

Weekends Only began a project to model two core scenarios and to evaluate future possibilities against the current situation. The work made use of anyLogistix as a single platform for modeling, simulating, and optimizing their supply chain.

As a result, the collaboration determined that shipping to New Orleans would deliver significant benefits, despite increased lead-times and inventory requirements. anyLogistix enabled Weekends Only to demonstrate that the project was worthwhile and would be an overall success for the company. Read the illustrated case study to find out more.