Technology for the Optimized Supply Chain - Bangkok Seminar

Март 30, 2018 Gavin Wilkinson

Technology for the Optimized Supply Chain - Bangkok Seminar

From left to right: Dr. Pongsun Bunditsakulchai, TRI-CU Researcher; Mr. Anusorn Lovichit- Managing Director, TIFFA EDI Services Co. Ltd; Prof. Dr. Robert De Souza, TLI-AP Executive Director; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chackrit Duangpastra, TRI-CU Director; Timofey Popkov, Sergey Suslov, The AnyLogic Company; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jittichai Rudjanakanoknad, TRI-CU Deputy Director

Developing Supply Chains

The Seminar on Optimizing Supply Chain Network Performance in Bangkok, this March 5th, highlighted the competitiveness of supply chain in the region.

As a collaboration between the Transport Institute Chulalongkorn University, The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific, National University of Singapore, and anyLogistix, the seminar provided a look at supply chain design and optimization technology as well as the Thailand 4.0 long term investment promotion strategy.

The well attended event clearly showed the necessity for a more connected and complex supply chain if a business is to stay competitive. This is despite the associated risks and vulnerabilities increasing with these developments.

The modeling and optimization of logistics networks was shown as a method for managing developments and risks, with Sergey Suslov, director of sales at The AnyLogic Company, highlighting its value. His insightful presentation featured supply chain design projects from Deloitte and Eldorado.

Thank you to all those involved and in attendance for making the seminar informative and successful. The seminar was part of a series attended by anyLogistix, with further events in Singapore and Jakarta.

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